Greensight is a consulting company that specialises in hydrogen and renewable energy. We have knowledge of the entire hydrogen value chain and extensive experience analysing and evaluating hydrogen projects.

With strong expertise in technology, financial models, and good knowledge of the market, we can help you develop and realise projects. One of the strengths of the Greensight team is that we have practical experience in project development and implementation. This allows us to see the projects from an operational perspective and evaluate the benefits and challenges of implementing various technologies and system designs in connection with hydrogen and renewable energy. 

As a technology-neutral company, Greensight's goal is to find the best solution for the given problem. We achieve this by always being up to date on developments in the industry. As a result, Greensight has developed good connections with market-leading companies that work with hydrogen, industry, the maritime sector, and renewable energy.

Please contact

Kjetil Trovik Midthun

Head of Greensight

+47 971 76 881