Other investments

Since its inception, Greenstat has established several companies, including wholly owned subsidiaries, as well as associated companies established together with others. In addition, Greenstat has a small venture portfolio with companies that contribute to the green energy transition.


Greenstat Solar AS


Greensight is an energy consultancy company specialising in hydrogen. Greensight provides consultancy services throughout the hydrogen value chain, with long experience in the analysis and evaluation of hydrogen projects, recommended solutions, business cases, and strategies.

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Greenstat Asia AS

Making Green Happen, Greenstat has great ambitions to contribute to the industrialization of green hydrogen production in Asia. Through its subsidiary Greenstat Hydrogen India PVT Ltd, Greenstat is well positioned through cooperation agreements with the most important energy and technology companies in India, including state-owned Indian Oil.

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Greenstat Hydrogen AS

Greenstat is working to develop projects related to sustainable hydrogen production all over Norway, and will eventually explore international prospects. Greenstat is interested in large-scale production as well as smaller production facilities based on local energy.

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Greenstat Wind AS


Electrical vehicle drivers of the future deserve just as much choice to recharge as traditional petrol stations provide. Therefore, we have created Greenstation, so all drivers of electric vehicles have a worry-free charge-and-filling solution.

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Greenstat Venture AS


Glomfjord Hydrogen

Green Yacht

H2 Marine

Meraker Hydrogen

Viken Hydrogen

Other investments



Evoy® brings “irresistible boating” to the modern boater. An experience by delivering long-lasting Electric Boat Motor systems, accelerating the transition to emission free, blissfully quiet and sustainable boating.

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Aker Clean Hydrogen

Altered Power


River Simple

Riversimple is aiming to offer customers affordable, hassle free, fun-to-drive hydrogen powered eco cars. We are making electric cars powered by hydrogen rather than batteries because we believe they have a vital role to play in decarbonising transport as quickly and effectively as possible. The only emission from our cars is water.

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Htwo Fuel AS